NEIL Oliver has come under fire after sharing an “antisemitic” image which depicted Jeffrey Epstein alongside Bill Gates as a Nazi scientist.

The TV host has seen calls for his show on GB News – which frequently features Oliver giving lengthy monologues on topics such as governmental control and the Covid-19 pandemic – to be cancelled after the incident.

The image shows Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft who is also a regular target of conspiracy theorists, holding vaccine vials while wearing symbols including a swastika and an Illuminati pyramid.

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Gates also has “heil Hydra” written on his shoulder, with the symbol of the fictional, Nazi-linked organisation (which comes from the Marvel superhero universe) beneath it.

Elsewhere in the image, former US chief medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci and World Economic Forum chair Klaus Schwab appear alongside satanic imagery and the numbers 666 woven into slogans such as the UK Government’s “Build Back Better”.

The account which shared the original image, under the name Liz Churchill, wrote: “Future Generations will know the Villains we had to face to protect them.”

Approvingly sharing it, Oliver added: “Bill Gates: the text book example of the danger posed by rich and powerful people utterly devoid of empathy or care for individual human life.”

The backlash to the post from the former BBC presenter has led to calls for the corporation to blacklist Oliver’s previously recorded documentaries, as well as for media regulator Ofcom to take action. Initially shared on May 12, Oliver has still not removed the post. 

Broadcaster Matthew Street, highlighting Oliver’s tweet, wrote: “Just @GBNews presenter Neil Oliver tweeting an image that seems to make mockery of the Holocaust by depicting Bill Gates as a Nazi experimenter with a swastika and IG Farben logo, which is presumably a reference to slave labour in Auschwitz.”

Street also shared a statement from the person who created the image, who claimed that Gates is a “eugenicist” who wants to make humans into genetically modified organisms with “gene-editing” chemicals in vaccines.

Guardian deputy editor Peter Walker wrote: "Amazingly, the actual RT of the pic is still up. This sort of stuff is absolutely unhinged, on a near-par with the QAnon types who flock around Trump."

Dr Kevin Brown, a criminal law reader from Queen’s University Belfast, added: “What now is the point of @Ofcom when they permit antisemitic conspiracy theories to be promoted on a ‘news’ channel?”

Ofcom, as the UK’s media regulator, also has responsibility over social media, though it does not censor online content.

In February, the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the all-party parliamentary group against antisemitism warned that some segments of GB News risked spreading ideas linked to antisemitism.

Both have called on media regulator Ofcom to look into the broadcaster’s indulgence of conspiracy theories.

It came after Oliver referred to a “silent war” by generations of politicians who were trying to take “total control of the people” and impose a “one-world government”.

The idea seemingly echoes a conspiracy theory document named Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, supposedly a secret manual for world government found in 1986.

This has a long section on the role of the Rothschild banking dynasty which is a common antisemitic trope.

During the same show, one of Oliver’s guests, a man named William Keyte, was introduced as a “constitutional expert”.

Keyte is a supporter of a fringe campaign group called the New Chartist Movement. On the group’s website, there are article written by members and contributors that contain antisemitic-linked ideas.

GB News has been approached for comment.