The National:

THE general idea of a bridge is it connects two communities on either side of something which separates them, like a river for example.

One would think the supposedly intelligent people at the Scotland Office might realise this. 

Last week the final piece of the Renfrew Bridge arrived for installation which will connect Renfrew with Yoker, places that sit either side of the River Clyde.

But the UK Government was left red-faced after it suggested the £117 million twin-leaf bridge will connect Clydebank and Yoker, which sit right next to each other on the same side of the river. 

Did the fact it's called the Renfrew Bridge not ring any alarm bells? 

Paisley and Renfrewshire North MP Gavin Newlands was quick to spot the embarrassing blunder on Twitter/X, with the UK Government Scotland tweet now having been conveniently deleted.

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Sharing the UK Government tweet, Newlands sarcastically posted: “Good to see Clydebank and Yoker connected for the first time. Families will be reunited etc etc.

“That said, #RenfrewBridge is a strange name for a bridge connecting Clydebank and Yoker.”

The UK Government thread – which staff seems to have put some effort into with emojis and a nice picture – read: “Once completed, the two-lane bridge will connect Clydebank and Yoker for the first time and accommodate vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

“The project is part of the £523m UK Government support in the @glasgowcityrgn deal.”

You would think the Government would pay more attention to what the function of the bridge actually is then wouldn’t you?