TORY MPs shouted at SNP counterparts to "go home" to Scotland as the party's Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, criticised Prime Minister Theresa May for her approach to getting her Brexit deal through Parliament.

Blackford had been responding to a statement by Theresa May on last week’s European Council.

MPs were set to vote later on a proposal to force a series of indicative votes on alternatives to her Withdrawal Agreement, in effect giving Parliament control over Brexit.

However, May had made clear her intention to oppose the plan and regard the votes as non-binding.

Blackford began: "Mr Speaker, what is the point of all of us sitting in this chamber and voting on debates and the Prime Minister thinks she can ignore parliamentary sovereignty. What a disgrace. What an insult to this place.

"Because if our votes don’t count, then frankly, we may as well just go home."

At that point, Tory MPs began heckling Blackford, and can be heard shouting "go home" towards the SNP benches.

It echoed a scene in the Commons in December last year, when Nicholas Soames, Tory MP for Mid Sussex, told Blackford to "go back to the Isle of Skye" as he rose to speak.

WATCH: SNP MP's response to being told to 'go back to Skye'

Responding to the Tory heckling, the SNP MP continued: "I’ll tell you something, Mr Speaker. If this Prime Minister is telling the people of Scotland our votes don’t count when we voted to remain, well, we know what the answer is. And the day is coming that the people of Scotland will vote for independence and we will be an independent country in the European Union."

May clashed with Blackford as she gave her response to his speech. After failing to address his points and instead turning to Scottish independence, Blackford could be heard telling May to "give it a rest".

She said: “He talked about Scotland voting to be an independent country in the European Union – of course, what was perfectly clear in the independence referendum in 2014, when Scotland rejected independence and decided to stay … oh, the Rt Hon Gentleman says 'give it a rest'. 

"He stands up here proclaiming the benefits of democracy and yet tells me to give it a rest when I point out that the people of Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom."

Another incident of Tory heckling in the Commons last year saw Ian Liddell-Grainger, who represents Bridgwater and West Somerset, suggest Blackford should commit "suicide".

WATCH: Tory MP in vile 'suicide' heckle towards SNP in Commons

The SNP MP had asked what options were available to Scotland to make sure its voice was heard when Liddell-Grainger shouted the remark.

Amid complaints about his comment, the Tory MP called the SNP a "petty bunch of w*****s".