THOUSANDS of users on the popular social media platform X have reported issues with the website, app and comment section.

Reports first began pouring in at around 2pm today (Tuesday, April 23) with around 2451 reports being made by 3:15pm.

74% of reports on the app, which was formerly called Twitter, have been made about the platform's website while 22% were made about the app.

Only 3% of users had problems with the comment section.

Users on Twitter/X report issues with the website, app and comments

Users were quick to share the problem with one user writing: "Is it just me or are tweets not showing? Is Twitter acting weird for anyone else?"

Another said: "Is Twitter melting down for everyone, or just me?"

A third user looked at the positives, saying: "Twitter down?? I can finally touch grass again."

One user who was live tweeting added: "Apologies all, Twitter seems to be down, or glitching often. I will resume live tweeting as soon as I can."

One person was distraught at the outage, telling other users: "Twitter is down I am nothing without this app."

Another X user said: "Twitter is acting a little glitchy today."

What is DownDetector?

DownDetector is an online website that allows users of popular services including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Virgin Media and more to report if they are having trouble with the services.

The site only reports an incident when the number of problem reports is significantly higher than the typical volume for that time of day.

Social media sites often face problems with connectivity due to too many users on the site.