Until now, I hadn't tasted any sort of alcohol-free beer, wine, cider or gin.

Every January when people try to incorporate “dry Jan” into their lives for various reasons, I have often wondered what they choose to drink as an alternative.

Personally, it’s something I’ve never really thought about because I’m not a huge drinker, so I’m fortunate I’ve never felt the need to cut down.

However, this year, I wanted to see what kind of 0% alcohol drinks exist as I see more and more being advertised on TV and social media.

Do they taste like the real thing, all without the dreaded side effects of a hangover and so much more to our vital organs? This is what I found out.

Which drink is considered to be alcohol-free?

Disaronno is my ultimate “naughty beverage”, however, I’m yet to come across an alcohol-free version.

But other than that, I like to drink pretty much anything, from red wine to white, passion fruit martini to Long Island iced tea, Desperados to Rekorderlig and more (this doesn’t paint a healthy picture for me).

So I thought it was only fair to choose a wide selection of no-real-booze drinks to see if there could be a new go-to for whatever I fancy.

I decided to try the alcohol-free alternatives to Gordon’s gin and tonic (pack of four cans), Kopperberg, Kylie Minogue’s rosé wine, Corona Extra and Freixenet.

The National: Some of these alcohol-free drinks tasted just like their originalsSome of these alcohol-free drinks tasted just like their originals (Image: Newsquest)

All of the above came to just under £20 at Tesco as were in the famous Clubcard deal, which I thought was pretty impressive as ideally, this would probably last me around a month.

Gordon's Alcohol-Free Spirit & Tonic with Lime Can (pack of 4) - £4.50 Tesco Clubcard

This was the first one I tried and I was surprised at how much it tasted like the real thing.

It certainly had hints of botanicals including notes of juniper berries, mixed with lime and tonic (which was very present).

Overall, keeping it chilled in the fridge was a great idea as this made it more refreshing and fizzy.

If you like a “boujee” flavoured fizzy water, this could be for you.

Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Pear Cider (500ml) - £1.25 Tesco Clubcard

Usually, I wouldn’t say I like pear cider but this was the only alcohol-free one I could get hold of when doing my weekly shop.

However, I was shocked at how much I liked this, it tastes like a very sweet pear fizzy drink, just as strong as the likes of Fanta or 7-UP, and a lot more than just a fizzy flavoured water.

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This is something I’m going to make sure I have in for the late warm summer nights when I'm sitting outside and I don’t want to drink.

Corona Cero Alcohol-Free Beer (pack of four) - £4 Tesco Clubcard

Out of all the drinks I tried, this was the one that tasted the most like its alcoholic version, and the colour and fizz was spot on.

The only thing I noticed it didn’t have compared to the original Corona Extra was the heavy kind of feeling you get when drinking beer (which I think is usually a downside, so this was a pleasant surprise).

Kylie Minogue Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rose (75cl) - £4.50 Tesco Clubcard

This was the worst-tasting drink for me and I was gutted because the alcoholic version of Kylie Minogue’s rosé wine has been raved about by friends, so I was hopeful this would be just as good.

Although it had a good fizz, it tasted like sparkling water with a subtle hint of raspberry – it didn’t remind me of any rosé wine I had tried in the past.

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Freixenet 0.0% Alcohol-Free Sparkling (75cl) - £4.75

Similar to Corona in terms of tasting just like its alcohol version, this also hit the spot and was very similar to its original, especially comparing it to the disappointment of the Kylie Minogue rosé.

It still had the crisp and fermented grape elements you can expect from a white wine, along with balanced fruitiness and fizz.

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When it comes to deciding whether or not I would swap out any of my usual beer, cider, gin or wine alternatives, I don’t think I’ll be doing so in a rush.

Whilst some were packed with flavour, others lacked it and, in all honesty, I don’t really understand the point of it.

For me, the flavour of drinking alcohol isn’t the number one reason why I drink it, I suppose it’s more for the effect.

But it was nice to drink alcohol-inspired drinks without the heaviness or acidic elements for the first time.