A Nestle chocolate bar which was discontinued in 2023 has returned to B&M stores across the UK.

Last year wasn't a good year for chocolate lovers.

Nestle announced the discontinuation of Caramac and Animal Bars in November much to the disappointment of fans.

In the same month, Cadbury confirmed it had discontinued its peanut caramel crisp bar after just five years on UK shelves.

Cadbury fans then, in the lead-up to Christmas, made the horrifying discovery that there were no Orange Creme chocolates in Roses tubs.

The National: Nestle revealed it was discontinuing the Caramac Chocolate bar in November 2023 after 64 years.Nestle revealed it was discontinuing the Caramac Chocolate bar in November 2023 after 64 years. (Image: SS Studios/Alamy/PA)

Nestle chocolate returns to B&M stores just months after being discontinued

Caramac was discontinued after 64 years in November 2023, a decision Nestle said was made due to falling sales.

Nestle, in a statement at the time, said: “We are very sorry to disappoint fans of Caramac. There has been a steady decline in its sales over the past few years and unfortunately we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue it.

“We know fans will be disappointed to see it go, but this change will enable us to focus on our best-performing brands, as well as develop exciting new innovations to delight consumers’ tastebuds.”

But fans of the caramel-flavoured bar were delighted when B&M revealed they were selling three packs of Caramacs in stores across the UK. 

In a post on Facebook, B&M said: "Caramac has always been a guilty pleasure - especially when you're craving a sugar burst!

"This 3 pack is only £1.25; great for a lunchtime treat!"

Fans took to post to express their excitement at seeing the return of the Caramac chocolate bar, while others commented that they would be rushing to their local B&M store to stock up while they were still available.


One person said: "IT NEEDS TO COME BACK."

A second person, aware the Caramac bar has been discontinued, simply said: "stock up."

Another fan commented: "I love Caramac, Can't believe It's going."

While a fourth person added: "Love caramac better get it before they go."