People on social media have been reacting to an estate agent's quirky video of a house tour for a property they are selling for £700,000 in Bedfordshire.

The clip which has been filmed to advertise a five-bedroom detached house in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, features estate agent Claire Cossey singing her own version of Never Ending Story by Limahl.

The lyrics in the song have been changed to describe the property's features, which include three bathrooms, a dog grooming room and a games room.

Claire is the owner and director of Just Knock estate agents alongside her business partner Tony Bailey.

The house tour was filmed and uploaded to the Rightmove property listing when the house first went on sale in September last year, but after Claire recently made a price change to the listing, people found the video and re-posted it on social media, The Mirror reports.

Claire told BBC Radio 2 she chose the song as when looking at the five-bedroomed property, she called it ‘the never-ending property’.

Social media users react to singing estate agent house tour video

One person said: “I wanted to stop watching... I tried hard to convince myself to stop watching... but I carried on right to the end.”

Another said: "This is excellent. In a world of dark and terrible events, a shining beacon of irreverence. The choice of theme song to children’s daytime movie classic schmaltz The Never Ending Story, is *chef’s kiss*, the total commitment to custom lyrics, the dog, it’s all there.”

Someone posted: “@rightmove should insist that everyone does a musical tour of their house when selling.”

Also in agreement of the musical house tour being a success, one person wrote: “At first I thought - can’t be that different from other home videos - do they have a really weird bathroom or something?

“Then I watched it and thought ‘what the hell…’

“Then I decided I love it! I love her! If I had the money I’d buy it!”

Singing estate agent says the music videos draw attention to the chosen property

Speaking to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2, Claire Cossey estate agent and singer who specialises in producing musical tours of her listed properties explained where the idea came from.

When talking about the first property she tried to sell in this peculiar manner, she said: “It was a couple of years ago, I don’t think anyone else is actually doing this but it was just a case of we had a property struggling to sell so I just said I’m going to write a song about it.

“I took the Winner Takes It All and changed the lyrics of that one and it got 15,000 hits in about two days locally and it was like ‘wow this is really cool.’

“I’ve been doing it for anyone that wants it, it’s not something that everybody wants, I completely understand but this one has taken me by surprise, the never-ending property. It’s up to 190,000 views on YouTube so far.”