With NHS waiting times ever longer and lots of pressure on the country's GP services, it is very common for us to be unable to get an appointment.

This is why health experts have revealed a few ways we can get medical attention even if we cannot see our family doctor.

Earlier in the year, over 26 million GP appointments were booked in the UK, seeing further pressure on the NHS.

Navin Khosla, Pharmacist at Now Patient said: "One thing many Brits have experienced over recent years is that seeing a GP isn’t as accessible as it once was and for a number of reasons.

The National: (PA) Over 26 million people booked a GP appointment in January(PA) Over 26 million people booked a GP appointment in January (Image: PA)

"It’s understandable that people will feel frustrated if they are unable to see their GP, so it’s important to be aware of the other avenues that can be explored in order to get people the treatment and advice they need."

What you should do if you are unable to see your GP

Here is what you should do if you cannot see your GP, according to the health experts:

Register for online services

The experts said that there are many providers integrated directly with the NHS who offer online appointment services.

Services, such as those offered by Now Patient, puts patients in direct contact with their GP.

This allows users to book appointments and obtain records such as test results.

One of the main barriers between you and your GP is people using the phone to contact the doctors, making online services a go-to for many.

Seek advice from a pharmacist

People often go to their GP first when feeling unwell or if they have any medical questions but a pharmacist is also qualified to offer advice.

If you have a minor illness or query, try asking your pharmacist for much quicker results.

Contact 111 for more severe illnesses

If you or someone you know is suffering from severe illness or injury, ring 111.

This service offers a trained advisor who will be able to give you advice and further help.

111 also operates an online service, asking you a series of questions to find the right care for you or someone else.