Users have shared their concern that Facebook Messenger is down after noticing the app had stopped working. 

It comes after a rise in reports on the website DownDetector, seeing an increase from 0 to over 200 in a space of a few minutes. 

According to the site, the messenger service seems to have a shared amount of issues. 

In total, 46% of reports are stating that the app is not working, 31% are having problems sending messages and a further 23% are having server connection issues.

Currently, Facebook has not said anything regarding the issue but DownDector did share: "User reports indicate Facebook Messenger is having problems since 5:56 PM GMT.

"… RT if you're also having problems #FacebookMessengerdown"

Many have taken to Twitter to share their issues with the app, as one user wrote "What is happening" and another asked: "Is Facebook Messenger Down?!"