The leaking of Matt Hancock's private WhatsApp messages has dominated the news amid revelations about how the former minister handled the pandemic.

A journalist by the name of Isabel Oakeshott, who was tasked with writing the former Health Secretary's Covid memoir, leaked the messages in a controversial move.

More than 100,000 messages sent between Hancock and other ministers and officials at the height of the pandemic were obtained by the Telegraph.

What was said by Matt Hancock in the leaked WhatsApp messages?

The National: (PA) Matt Hancock is accused of ignoring clinical advise on care homes(PA) Matt Hancock is accused of ignoring clinical advise on care homes (Image: PA)

The extraordinary leak suggests that Hancock rejected clinical advice on care home testing, something the former health secretary denies.

The collection of over 100,000 WhatsApp messages published by The Telegraph appears to show Hancock's response to suggestions by Sir Chris Whitty.

In a message, he said he would rather "leave out" a commitment to testing all of those entering care homes from the community and to "just commit to test & isolate ALL going into care from hospital".

Who is journalist Isabel Oakeshott?

Isabel Oakeshott is a controversial journalist who has worked on a number of political biographies including one about former Prime Minister David Cameron that claimed he did a lurid act with a pig's head.

Oakeshott, who was brought up near the town of Dunbar, worked for titles like the East Lothian Courier before joining The Sunday Times as a political editor, GB News and TalkTV.

Oakeshott has been criticised by opponents for her anti-lockdown beliefs as well as her vehement support for Britain leaving the EU.

The journalist also helped millionaire and Brexit campaigner Arron Banks write his account of the referendum in a book called The Bad Boys of Brexit.

In 2019, she was instrumental in forcing the UK ambassador to the United States to resign when she obtained emails critical of President Trump.

She is now making headlines once again thanks to the leaking of messages given to her by Hancock.

According to the Guardian's Media Editor Jim Waterson, many Conservatives were "astonished Matt Hancock decided to give all of his personal messages to someone who very publicly opposed most of his policy platform when it came to lockdown".

Lord Bethell, who recently suggested that ministers considered culling all UK cats at the start of the pandemic, said of Oakeshott: "I think Isabel is a terrific journalist. She's not a very good friend."