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1. What it was like as only pro-independence journalist at Nicola Sturgeon's resignation

A mundane Wednesday turned into a full-throttle breaking news day for the media in February this year - and one of our political reporters was at the heart of it from a very unique position.

Steph Brawn was in the room as Sturgeon made the big announcement.

You can read her exclusive insight on being the only pro-independence journalist in the room here.

The National:

2. Home Office detained Stirling Uni student 'sick and can't eat'

In August, one of our political reporters Hamish Morrison spoke to a Stirling University student who told him he was “sick” and hungry in a Home Office detention centre in Scotland.

Speaking over the phone from the detention centre near Strathaven and directly with the press for the first time, Muhammad Rauf Waris told The National he believed immigration officers had detained him without good reason and that he was suffering mentally and physically within the Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre.

Pressure had already been building on the UK Government to reveal why he had been detained for more than two months. To read the full interview click here.

3. Fury at DLC plans for 8000-acre 'playground' for mega rich on Loch Tay

When locals raised the alarm over plans to turn a historic Scottish castle and 8000 acres of land into a high-security private compound for the mega-rich, Xander Elliards was there to follow their story.

Since his initial report, Xander has followed up and ensured national coverage of the land scandal, including recent news that Discovery Land Company (DLC) began work on a “foul water treatment plant” next to the castle, though no planning permission had been granted.

You can read the initial story here and see the follow-ups here -INCLUDING the latest live yesterday.

The National: Taymouth Castle, which is at the centre of the row

4. The Scottish oat milk brands seeking to disrupt Oatly's dominance

Our reporter Ross Hunter told us all about the trouble with Oatly and why we should be drinking Scottish oat milk.

He spoke with Josh Barton, the co-founder of Brose - the only oat milk brand entirely produced within Scotland using locally grown oats - who shared the trials and tribulations of the oat world.

A must-read for anyone who wants to understand Scottish food and drink and how to build a brand on a much -loved resource - you can read here.

5. Rosyth to Europe ferry will be 'transformational' for Scotland

James Walker has been following one of the most positive (and exciting!) stories this year - the Rosyth to Dunkirk ferry route.

He managed to scoop the exclusive on a meeting between the Mayor of Dunkirk and the Scottish Government team in Paris, as Douglas Chapman and Derek Sloan discussed building on support from the region for this sea connection to Scotland, as well as practical arrangements for a berth at Dunkirk.

You can read all about the meeting here - and the latest interview with Derek Sloan, the CEO of Ptarmigan Shipping here.

The National:

6. BBC edits out calls for Gaza ceasefire at Scottish Bafta awards

Just this week, our reporter Laura Pollock has been following a story that is garnering attention from around the world.

The BBC edited out multiple calls for a ceasefire from the Scottish Bafta Awards ceremony – with one award presentation and speech by winners referencing calls for a ceasefire completely removed from the ceremony coverage, while no other award was cut.

Laura spoke to one of the award-winning actors cut - you can read here - and a former BBC editor on the BBC's censorship - you can read here.

The National:

7. Scots pastor condemned for 'disturbing' comments about Humza Yousaf

Another recent one, this time from Abbi Garton-Crosbie. Our political reporter unveiled comments of condemnation of a pastor who described Humza Yousaf as a “godless leader” and said his appointment as First Minister is a “scheme of Satan” during a sermon.

Dave Brackenridge, also CEO of charity Rookie Rockstars which operates in a number of Scottish primary schools, said that he was willing to lose his job in order to preach the teachings of Jesus during a live stream posted on YouTube. You can read the full story here.

8. Inside King Charles's Scottish coronation service at St Giles

We were as surprised as you were that they let us in to see Charles crowned - and Judith Duffy gave us all the inside details from a less sycophantic perspective from inside the (very big and cold) room.

During the hour-long service shouts of “not my King” could clearly be heard during moments of silence - you can find out all about it here!

9. Young Scots react to Tory net-zero U-turn: 'Blood on their hands'

We have built solid bridges with youth, climate, and Labour activists this year and can't wait to engage with them more! With the news that Rishi Sunak was walking back his net-zero promises in favour of short-term electoral gains, we reached out to our younger contributors to ask how they feel about the Prime Minister's decision.

We spoke to commentators from across the pro-independence movement, all under 35, about what the climate crisis means to them. You can read their reactions here.

The National:

10. Trident: MoD confirms more than 50 radiation leaks this year

It was revealed that there were 58 radiation leaks at Trident facilities in Scotland this year so far.

Hamish Morrison spoke with Alba MP Neale Hanvey who was putting pressure on the UK Government to come clean about the safety of Britain’s nuclear weapons - you can read here!

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