NOTHING quite makes an independence march an independence march like flying a Saltire and joining the sea of blue.

This Saturday, supporters will be out in their tens of thousands in Edinburgh, and we want you to have the best kit for the event!


We've put together a March Bundle which includes everything you need to show you say "Yes".

At the moment, you can get 5% off! We will be accepting orders right up until Friday morning with the aim of getting everyone kitted out!

The bundle includes everything you need to show your colours, including a high-quality enamel flag pin badge, a Yes T-shirt, and a large, durable flag.

The pin badge is perfect for showing your support at rallies or eveyday, while the t-shirt for all is a comfortable and stylish, with a clear message.

The flag is perfect for the weekend OR flying outside your home or office.

Aside from our marching bundle, you can get our passport cover (in EU burgundy) to show your support for independence everywhere you go!

The National:

Head over to our shop now to get all this and more!