TODAY, I went on a hunt to track down the Reform UK ghost candidates in Glasgow.

Of the six candidates running for Nigel Farage’s party in the city for the General Election, three had no visible online presence at all and were registered to addresses in England.

Helen Burns, Morag McRae and Jonathan Walmsley ran in Glasgow North, Glasgow South West and Glasgow North East respectively – amassing thousands of votes.

But they weren’t seen campaigning in their constituencies, nor did they attend hustings or the final count.

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It comes amid much speculation on social media about Reform’s candidates – with some speculating as to whether all of them are even real.

Now, there has been no evidence to suggest any Reform candidates aren’t actually real. The party has admitted some were so-called “paper candidates” and were there simply to help increase the party’s vote share.

Paper candidates are not all that uncommon.

But on the scale of Reform who secured 14% of the vote UK-wide? And with that little identifying information?

So on Tuesday, we decided to look a bit deeper and went on the hunt for these so-called “ghost” or “invisible” candidates in Glasgow. Who are they?

Below is our video investigation: