LABOUR activists have booed a Sky News journalist after she questioned Keir Starmer’s popularity amongst UK voters.

Political editor at Sky News, Beth Rigby, was booed by activists after she stated that Starmer could be on track to be the most unpopular Labour leader ever to become Prime Minister.

Speaking to Starmer, who was on the campaign trail in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Rigby asked: “Keir Starmer, you could be heading this week for a big majority, but you could be the most unpopular Labour leader to become Prime Minister to enter Number 10.”

At which point the veteran broadcaster was interrupted by a chorus of boos from Labour supporters as Starmer appeared to laugh off the claim.

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She continued: “No really, does that worry you because you could end up with the biggest wedding and then have the shortest honeymoon ever with the British public.

“Are you worried that the mandate could be wide but shallow.”

“It’s a serious question that needs a serious answer,” Starmer replied.

He continued: “I stand on my record.”

Later on while on the campaign trail, Starmer also said he would work with Marine Le Pen's right-wing National Rally party on small boats if they end up forming the next French government.

He said he would work “with any government in Europe and across the world” to resolve the situation.

The Labour leader also added that a victory for Le Pen’s party would not damage his party's goal of negotiating a “better deal” with the European Union.

Speaking in Buckinghamshire he said: “I will work with any government in Europe and across the world if we are elected in to serve the country.

“For me, that’s what serious government is about. So yes, we will work with whoever.

Marine Le Pen

“I do think it is important that we make the progressive case to meet the challenges that we face across Europe and across the world.”

Le Pen’s National Rally party won the first round of the country’s parliamentary election on Sunday and are on track to win the most seats in the National Assembly.