NIGEL Farage will not visit Scotland during the General Election campaign because it is “dangerous”, the chair of Reform UK has said.

Richard Tice, who was the nominal leader of the party until Farage officially took the title earlier in June, made the comments as he held a press conference at Grangemouth.

He claimed that Farage’s “safety and security” would be at risk if he visited north of the Border.

Speaking to the media at Grangemouth, Tice said in response to a question from the Daily Record about whether Farage was “afraid” to travel to Scotland: "He is on great form and he is incredibly busy.

"But in all seriousness, the last time he did come to Scotland, it was dangerous, frankly. And that's a tragedy.”

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In 2013, while Ukip leader, Farage faced protests in both Aberdeen and Edinburgh and was forced to leave a pub in the Scottish capital under police escort.

In April 2023, Farage broadcast an episode of his GB News show from Aberdeen without incident.

Tice went on: "One of the things that Nigel has to think very carefully about was security and we've already seen some issues.

"We've had one of our candidates assaulted and hospitalised.

"So that's the reality. Unfortunately, for senior figures in the political climate, from a number of parties but particularly for Nigel, security and safety is a real issue."

Asked if Farage would travel to Scotland before the General Election on July 4, Tice said it was “unlikely but anything's possible”.

YouGov polling earlier in June found that Reform are on to win around 7% of the vote north of the Border, less than half their projected vote share in England.