STEPHEN Flynn tore into Nigel Farage last night in a live TV debate over migration and Brexit as the audience erupted in laughter.

The SNP leader at Westminster joined six other UK political party representatives on ITV’s debate night last night where they discussed issues like the NHS, immigration and there being no trust in politicians.

It wasn’t long until Flynn and Farage started to get into it with each other, with the SNP man seemingly getting the better of the Reform UK leader.

At one point when discussing immigration Flynn said: “When Nigel Farage tells you all migrants are making you poorer and they're the problem, don't believe him.

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“Do you want to know the biggest problem facing the UK economy right now? “His pet project of Brexit.

“£40 billion worth of tax receipts.”

Flynn was unable to continue his answer due to the clapping from the live audience as Farage stood on just saying: “Ah”.

According to an expert independent analysis from January this year, the cost of Brexit to the UK economy is around £140bn.

Flynn's calm and collected rebuttal of Farage's stance on immigration has gone down well online with one viewer saying: “Stephen Flynn is brilliant at promoting / defending Scottish Interests, he's the only one who knows how to skewer Farage.”

While another added: “I couldn’t bring myself to watch after the last one which Mordaunt and Rayner turned into a shouting match, but Stephen Flynn seems to have come out on top yet again.

“He talks sense in a calm and professional manner as befits the occasion. He also puts Farage back in his box.”

It wasn’t much longer in the evening’s debate where Flynn once again seemed to have Farage’s number. This was much to the audience's delight.

When discussing the topic of why the public does not trust politicians, Farage was in the middle of saying: “These people have lied to us repeatedly.

Flynn interjected: “Says you, c’mon... you've made a career of doing that.

A visibly flustered Farage replied: “I've always told the truth, I’ve always told the truth.”

Flynn’s comments prompted hysterics from the audience as they burst into laughter while Farage attempted to double down on his explanation.