KEIR Starmer’s keynote speech was interrupted by a protester at the launch of Labour’s manifesto.

A woman could be heard shouting she had been “let down” at the event in Manchester on Thursday morning.

The 27-year-old woman, who later gave her name as Alice, is a member of the climate group Green New Deal Rising and accused Labour of peddling “the same old Tory policies”.

She said: “My generation is being let down by the Labour Party and this manifesto. You say that you’re offering change but it’s the same old Tory policies. We need better, the climate can’t wait. The climate can’t wait we need a green new deal now.”

In a statement released afterwards, Alice said: “I disrupted the Labour Party’s manifesto launch today because I feel so betrayed and disappointed by what the Labour party is offering at this election.

“All my life I’ve grown up hearing scientists sound the alarm time and time again on the climate emergency and the impact that it will have on all of us – but it’s like politicians have plugged their ears.

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“The next parliament really is our last chance to put in place the kind of policies that will make a real difference to stopping catastrophic climate change and making people’s quality of life better. But all Labour is offering is warm words and tinkering around the edges.”

She added that Labour had “turned its back” on young people and said: “At this election our movement is organising to demand a Green New Deal – a plan for decent jobs, warm homes, and a future that we can look forward to.”

Fatima Ibrahim, co-director of Green New Deal Rising, said Labour’s climate plans “simply don’t touch the sides”.

She added: “The Labour Party’s slogan is “change”, yet this manifesto offers very little hope of change for our generation. Labour’s refusal to invest properly means they simply won’t be able to take the kind of action required to tackle the multiple crises facing our country.

“As young people who have seen their childhood and early adulthood snatched away by Conservative cuts and blunders, what we desperately need is a government who is willing to invest in our future.

“From summer wildfires to winter flooding – we’re in a planetary code red. Science tells us we’re in the final years to take meaningful action against the climate crisis.”

As the woman was led off by security, Starmer said: "Thank you very much. We gave up on being a party of protest five years ago, we want to be a party in power.”

He added: “That’s not in the script, but that is part of the change.”

During his speech Starmer said Labour did not have a "magic wand", which came after reports the party was signed up to major spending cuts because of its commitment not to raise taxes while getting debt down. 

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He said: "These challenges won’t disappear overnight if Labour wins. We don’t have a magic wand.

“But what we do have, what this manifesto represents, is a credible long-term plan.

“A plan built on a stable foundation with clear first steps.”