REFORM UK are trailing the Conservatives by just a single point, according to a fresh opinion poll.

YouGov’s latest polling of voters puts support for the Tories at 18% while Nigel Farage’s Reform garnered 17%.

Meanwhile, support for Labour has dipped from 41% to 38%. However, it still puts Keir Starmer’s party 20 points ahead of the Tories with less than a month to go until the election on July 4.

The LibDems were up five points to 15% while the SNP were on 2%.

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YouGov surveyed 1611 people on June 11 as part of its ongoing election tracker.

The poll comes after Rishi Sunak unveiled his party’s election manifesto, which promised a further cut to National Insurance as well as halving immigration and placing a legal cap on the number of people who can move to the UK.

The Prime Minister’s hardline rhetoric on immigration is an attempt to shore up Tory votes as Farage outflanks the party on the right.

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Yet while the poll may make cheerful reading for Farage, his campaign continues to be marked by protest.

On Tuesday, a 28-year-old man was arrested after allegedly throwing objects at the Reform Party leader as he travelled through Barnsley on an open-top bus.

Last week, Farage was also hit in the face with a milkshake.