BBC Scotland is set to host a Debate Night election special tonight (June 11) with a number of key figures taking part.

It will give members of the public the chance to put their questions to the politicians.

STV has already hosted the first Scottish leaders debate of the election campaign, although it did not include representatives from Alba or the Scottish Greens.

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Here’s all you need to know.

When is the debate?

The Debate Night special will be broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 8pm and will also be covered live on the BBC News website.

The hour-long programme will be hosted by Stephen Jardine and is taking place in Glasgow.

Who is taking part?

The BBC has confirmed that the programme will feature the leaders of five Scottish political parties.

This includes the SNP, Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Labour, Scottish LibDems and Scottish Greens.

As such, it’ll be John Swinney (above), Anas Sarwar, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Douglas Ross and Lorna Slater on the programme.

What will be discussed?

The audience will have the chance to put their questions to the leaders although given it comes the day after Ross announced his intention to resign as Scottish Tory leader, it seems likely that will come up at some stage.