NIGEL Farage’s Reform are just TWO points behind the Conservatives in a new opinion poll.

According to YouGov, Reform are on 17% support to the Tories’ 19%.

Meanwhile Labour are down four points on 40%, giving them a lead of 21 points over the Conservatives which would make them a shoo-in to form the next government.

The LibDems were on 10% while the SNP were on 3%.

YouGov announced on the publication of the poll it had changed its polling methodology to give “clear and consistent data” because of “slightly” different results between its MRP model and the traditional voting intention method.

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The firm said it was primarily an “under the bonnet” change and that both the new and old model showed a slight dip in support for the Labour Party, while the old model put the Tories on a level with Reform and the new model gave Rishi Sunak’s party a slight lead.

YouGov said: “Based on comparisons with the previous poll, the increase in support for Reform and the decrease for the Conservatives are not connected to the method change.

“The Labour drop is partly down to the method change, but they would still have been down without it. The LibDem increase is purely a result of the change in method and does not represent any real change.”

YouGov surveyed 2000 voters on June 3 and 4.