LABOUR could be on course for a historic 194 seat majority, according to a major new poll.

Keir Starmer’s party is predicted to win 422 seats in a new YouGov poll, which also found the Tories would be reduced to just 140 MPs while the SNP could lose 31 seats.

It would mean Labour would be handed the biggest majority since Stanley Baldwin’s Conservatives won a 208 majority in 1924.

The poll, created using the MRP (multi-level regression and post-stratification) technique and carried out for Sky News, predicted the SNP would win 17 seats, while predicting a significant revival for the LibDems, on course for 48 seats meaning they would regain third party status.

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It gives seat projections for every constituency in Britain and predicts many Tory big beasts will lose their seats, including Defence Secretary Grant Shapps, Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt, former minister Jacob Rees-Mogg and Energy Minister Andrew Bowie.

YouGov said their results would see Labour return as Scotland’s largest party but they would not reach the height of the 41 seats won in both the 2005 and 2010 elections.

And Scotland was also predicted to return five Tory MPs to Westminster, down just one – Bowie’s West Aberdeenshire seat could go SNP – from 2019.

The polling firm said that in Glasgow, Labour could win every seat but Glasgow North and North East were both tossups.

And the LibDems are predicted to lose to the SNP all seats except Orkney and Shetland.

The results could be upended by Nigel Farage announcing earlier on Monday both that he would stand for the Reform Party and take over from Richard Tice as leader.

His candidacy in Clacton could see Reform’s vote improve across the country, which would likely further harm the Conservatives.