GREATER Manchester Police (GMP) is taking no further action over allegations concerning Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner, it is understood.

Questions had been raised over whether she owed tax on a house she sold in 2015, and if she registered to vote at the correct address.

Rayner had promised to step down if she was found to have committed a criminal offence, and insisted she had followed the rules at all times.

Greater Manchester Police launched an investigation earlier this month into whether "any offences have been committed". 

The force has now said "no further action will be taken" against the deputy Labour leader.

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A spokesperson said it came to the decision after a "thorough, carefully considered and proportionate investigation".

They said: "The investigation originated from complaints made by Mr James Daly MP directly to GMP.

"Subsequent further contact with GMP by members of the public and claims made by indiviudals featured in the media reporting indicated a strong public interest in the need for allegations to be investigated.

"Matters involving council tax and personal tax do not fall into the jurisdiction of policing.

"GMP has liaised with Stockport Council and information about our investigation has been shared with them.

"Details of our investigation have also been shared with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs."

Rayner said: "I welcome the conclusion of the police investigation, and confirmation that no further action will be taken.

“We have seen the Conservative Party use this playbook before - reporting political opponents to the police during election campaigns to distract from their dire record. The public have had enough of these desperate tactics from a Tory government with nothing else to say after 14 years of failure.

“I am grateful to all those who have stood by and supported me and my family. My focus now is squarely on securing the change Britain needs, with the election of a Labour government.”