THE SNP have said that Labour are “running scared” after reports indicated that Keir Starmer’s party have demanded TV debates between only him and Rishi Sunak.

The move would effectively cut out every other party – including the SNP, the LibDems, the Greens and Reform UK.

Sources at ITV reportedly told The Guardian that the broadcaster – one of two, with the BBC, that are reportedly earmarked for live TV debates before July 4 – is working on a head-to-head between Starmer and Sunak, in line with Labour’s format demands.

This could benefit Labour given smaller left-wing parties are more likely to attack Starmer on his party's stance on green issues and Gaza.

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Keith Brown said that it is “vital” that Starmer confirms he will take part in TV debates which include the SNP and other parties.

The SNP’s depute leader added: “Continued austerity and policies like the two-child cap, Brexit, the House of Lords, further NHS privatisation, and a rollback on climate commitments are all policies Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour are gleefully supporting in this campaign - proving they offer no real change at all.

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“That’s why they are so happy to attempt to exclude the SNP from the conversation.”

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard agreed and accused Labour of “astonishing arrogance” and “dodging scrutiny”.

“Labour are clearly very full of themselves. They think they think they've got the election won and the electorate owe them,” he told The National.

“This is a thoroughly anti-democratic manoeuvre.”

The MP for Edinburgh East added: “Labour are desperately trying to win this election by becoming the Tories. So they are trying to avoid anybody pointing out the obvious to the electorate.

“Which is that they've moved a very long way away from the sort of things that Labour and Labour supporters used to believe in – whether it be standing up for human rights, rights at work, investing in the health service or just about anything else.”

Labour have been approached for comment.