RISHI Sunak took a questions from Tory councillors planted to look like warehouse workers during a live TV appearance.

On Thursday morning, broadcasters including Sky News showed Sunak at a campaign event in Derbyshire where he took questions from workers at a William West and Sons distribution centre.

One of the workers, wearing a hi-vis jacket and standing amongst all the others, was singled out by Sunak to ask a question.

After thanking the Tory leader for visiting, the worker said: “I imagine you're a pretty busy guy right now.

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“The biggest issue, I think, is going to be immigration over this General Election campaign.

“You've obviously got your Rwanda plan, but is it going to see results and stop the small boats coming?”

However, Byline Times has identified the worker as Conservative councillor Ross Hills.

Hills (below, holding microphone) told that paper it was him asking the question, and said he had been asked to attend.

His identity was not made clear during the live broadcast.

The National:

Beginning his answer to the Tory plant, which went on for more than two minutes, Sunak thanked him for the “important question”.

Later, Byline Times reported that the first "worker" who had asked Sunak a question was also a Tory councillor: Ben Hall-Evans.

Again, Hall-Evens was not identified during the broadcast.

Elsewhere on Thursday, Sunak admitted that no deportation flights to Rwanda would take off before the election on July 4.

Keir Starmer has accused the Tory leader of never believing the Rwanda deportation plan would work.

The Labour leader said: “I don’t think he’s ever believed that plan is going to work, and so he has called an election early enough to have it not tested before the election.

“We have to deal with the terrible loss of control of the border under this Government, we have to tackle the small boats that are coming across but nobody should be making that journey.”