RISHI Sunak has refused to quell rumours he intends to call a General Election today.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn asked about widespread speculation Sunak was set to call an election later that day.

The SNP MP said: “Speculation is rife, so I think the public deserve a clear answer to a simple question, does the Prime Minister intend to call a summer General Election – or is he feart?”

Sunak said: “Spoiler alert: there is going to be a General Election in the second half of this year.

“And at that moment, the British people will in fact see the truth about [Keir Starmer], because that will be the choice at the next election.”

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He added that Labour were “not able to say to the country what they would do, a party that would put at risk our hard-earned economic stability”.

The Prime Minister said his party was “delivering a secure future for our United Kingdom”.

Cabinet is set to meet later this afternoon and ministers have reportedly not been told what is on the agenda.

The Prime Minister’s top team did not meet yesterday because he was in Vienna.