AN SNP group have raised concerns over the party's commitment to LGBT+ people following the appointment of Kate Forbes as Deputy First Minister. 

Out for Independence (OFI), the LGBT+ wing of the SNP, said members “share those concerns” of many within the LGBT+ community regarding the appointment of Forbes.

In the 2023 SNP leadership contest, Forbes said she would have voted against gay marriage and suggested it was wrong to have children out of wedlock.

The National: SNP’s Kate Forbes arrives at the main chamber for the vote for the new First Minister at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Picture date: Tuesday March 28, 2023.

In a statement published on Thursday, the group called for “urgent clarification” that policies such as the ban on conversion practices would continue to be a priority of the Government and asked to meet with the First Minister directly to address their “fears”.

The group added: “Our fight for independence must be for a brighter future for all, or it’s not worth having.”

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Forbes was officially confirmed as Deputy First Minister on Thursday afternoon, after the Scottish Greens voted against her appointment.

Speaking against the motion to appoint Forbes, Ross Greer said: “Faith is not the issue here. The issue is that I'm being asked to vote for someone who thinks there's something wrong with me, not because of any views I hold, but simply because of who I am.

Responding to Greer’s remarks, John Swinney said: “When I say to the country, as I did on Tuesday, that I offer myself as the First Minister for everybody in Scotland, I cannot convey adequately or strongly enough that I mean absolutely everybody.”

The full statement from OFI reads: “We are aware of the real concerns within the LGBTQ+ community at the appointment of Kate Forbes as DFM, given the views she has previously presented. We share those concerns.

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“We will be seeking urgent clarification from the FM and DFM that our progressive LGBTQ+ policies such as a ban on conversion practices will not be stalled or removed from the programme of government.

“At a time when the LGBTQ+ community - especially trans people - face unprecedented violence and attacks both within and outwith politics, more needs to be done to reassure the community - and to assure that the SNPs legacy of fighting for LGBTQ+ rights is not undermined.

“For this reason, OFI will be seeking to speak directly to FM John Swinney to address these fears and to make clear that, while we support him in his goal of uniting the party for independence, unity necessitates trust, clarity and equality.

“Our fight for independence must be for a brighter future for all, or it’s not worth having. That brighter future MUST include LGBTQ+ people as a full & equal part, free to live our lives & make decisions about our bodies without the oppression of Westminster hanging over us.”