Glasgow Subway passengers were forced to evacuate through the tunnels after one of the new trains suddenly stopped leaving them stranded between stations.

The incident happened around 11pm last night between Cowcaddens and St George’s Cross.

Passengers spent approximately 30 minutes on board the motionless train before being escorted through the Subway tunnel by SPT staff.

The National:

The National:

The National:

One passenger was Paul O’Kane, Labour MSP for West Scotland, who spoke to the Glasgow Times about the experience this morning.

He said:  “The train stopped in the tunnel. The lights went out momentarily and then came back on. We were sat in the carriage for about half an hour.

“It was a pretty busy train - full of students who I think might have been sub-crawling, and a mix of people coming and going from different places.

"They said they were going to try and restore the power. That didn’t work, so they then started talking about ‘de-training,’ which involves walking through the tunnel.

"Staff came on board and then took everyone down through the front of the train and we walked through the tunnel to Cowcaddens.”

The National:

This is not the first time that passengers have been evacuated through the tunnels. In July, passengers were forced to evacuate a train after being trapped for nearly an hour.

O’Kane added: “Hopefully SPT are looking at any issues to make sure it's as smooth a service as possible.

“I commute via the subway when I go to Edinburgh. It’s a very important service for people getting to work, getting to college or university, getting around Glasgow. So I think it’s important that any teething issues are being resolved quickly.”

A TikTok showing passengers in the tunnel was also posted online. 

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SPT has been contacted for comment.