A VETERAN SNP activist is looking to challenge John Swinney for the party leadership, according to reports.

Graeme McCormick – a lawyer known for his advocating for land reform in Scotland – was at the All Under One Banner march in Glasgow on Saturday seeking to gather the required nominations to stand for leader.

In order to enter the contest, he is required to have the support of 100 members from 20 different branches by the deadline of noon on Monday.

According to a comment posted by McCormick on the Yours for Scotland blog, by Thursday night he had already gathered 40 nominations and “just about” cleared the 20 branch requirement.

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If more than one candidate secures enough nominations then a leadership contest will take place between May 13 – 27.

Last year, McCormick - who has been a member of the SNP since 1991 - also challenged for the role of SNP president at the party’s annual conference.

While his campaign was ultimately unsuccessful, McCormick highlighted in a exclusive interview with The National that he felt the route to independence lay in international treaties.

He said: “I believe in the dissolution of the Union and that the routes to independence have not been discussed and not been debated, and they haven't been presented to the members to make an informed decision.

“The day after the election, if there is a majority of pro-independence votes cast, then we dissolve the Union, our MPs dissolve the Union, by not taking their seats in Westminster.

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“We advise the United Nations that we will abide by the terms of the Vienna Convention [an international agreement that regulates treaties among sovereign states] as regards the equitable distribution of assets and liabilities.

“Dissolution is a perfectly legal, acceptable way to end a union in international law.”

A spokesperson for John Swinney said: “John Swinney has pledged to unite the SNP and has made clear his determination to ensure there is open and respectful debate in the SNP on key policy questions.”