The National:

THE National appears to have struck a nerve with right-wing journalist turned full-time Twitter antagonist Andrew Neil.

On Friday, this newspaper reported on Neil’s sharing of a widely condemned cartoon by Peter Brookes for The Times.

The cartoon, which was described as “unsettling” by an SNP MSP, depicted Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Humza Yousaf all hanging from a noose in the shape of the SNP’s logo.

Neil shared the image and approvingly called it “brilliant”.

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Following this The National reported on the reaction to the cartoon within the SNP and across Scotland, with many questioning whether such content and Neil’s cheerleading of it was appropriate given increased concerns about the safety and security of politicians.

Never one to let a moment of self-reflection cloud his increasingly puerile and tribalistic politics, Neil woke up on Saturday morning and decided not to apologise for promoting the cartoon or think about whether his actions endangered the lives of politicians.

Instead, he threw a tantrum at The National for reporting on his behaviour.

Sharing a screenshot of The National’s front page, which features a headline about the backlash sparked by his sharing of the cartoon, Neil said:

“Quite a relief to see that, unlike that Nat folk singer on the BBC earlier this week, the SNP’s very own in-house Beano rag does know who I am. Phew!

“And now, thanks to the Beano, so do I!

“Tho if this is an “exclusive” it must be a VERY slow news day (the Nat Beano doesn’t report news, we confect it — ed).

“At least it makes a change from the usual “Independence is Imminent — part 349” Beano headline.

“The “horrific” cartoon, by the way, was by the legendary Brookes in The Times.

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“PS My second Scottish front page this week. Not bad for an unknown.”

Attempting to police what other journalists report as news just reeks of journalistic integrity, doesn’t it?

Luckily, the Jouker is confident that journalists at The National will never heed the somewhat incomprehensible ramblings of Neil as he grows increasingly incensed that people may not agree with everything he belches out on social media.

Thanks for the publicity though, Andrew!