A MOUNTAIN rescue team launched a mission to save a dog after it fell from the edge of cliff into a quarry.

The volunteer team from Lomond Mountain Rescue were called to Craigmore Hill, above Aberfoyle in Stirlingshire, after a report a Border Terrier had fallen over the edge of the crag and into a quarry below.

The owner reported the accident to the rescue team after the dog’s electronic tracker was not showing any signs of movement.

Rescuers rigged rope at the top of the hill before they descended into the quarry in search of the missing dog.

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One of the volunteers was able to spot a “wagging tail” near some rocks in the quarry and two other members of the team were able to retrieve the little Terrier.

One of the rescuers confirmed the dog was unscathed despite the fall and looked a little “sheepish” as they took it to safety.

The National: Left a volunteer from Lomond Mountain Rescue and the owner with the rescued dog on the right

Celebrating the successful mission of retrieving the unlucky pooch the Lomond Mountain Rescue team took to social media.

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They posted on Facebook: “Pleased to report that whilst the team were rigging a rope system at the top of the crag in preparation to descend, a team member spotted a wagging tail on a rocky section below.

“Two team members were tasked with approaching from below where they were met by ‘wee dug’ the Border Terrier with nothing worse than a sheepish look from the fall.”

Scottish Mountain Rescue added: “A successful canine call-out today for Lomond Mountain Rescue Team!”