A MAN has been found guilty of abusive behaviour after torturing and throwing his girlfriend’s dog from a window.

Donald Gollan, 35, was found guilty at Dumbarton Sherriff Court on Monday after a neighbour’s CCTV captured him throwing the 12-year-old chihahua from the first floor of his girlfriend’s Helensburgh home in March 2022.

Gollan tortured the dog – named Archie – inside his girlfriend’s home before throwing his corpse out of her window.

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The dog’s owner, Laura Park, 42, had been at her six-year-old son James’ birthday party when she returned home to find Gollan intoxicated, and her house covered in excrement and blood splattered across the walls.

CCTV footage showed Gollan throwing the dog’s corpse out of the window before appearing outside and stuffing him behind a mattress in the garden.

A post-mortem examination found that Archie suffered multiple broken bones. It is believed that he died before he was thrown outside, with the main cause of death being a blunt blow to his head.

Gollan was convicted of causing the death of an animal through threatening and abusive behaviour which caused fear and alarm, behaving in an aggressive manner, shouting and swearing and breaking a lamp.

Gollan was released on bail and is due to be sentenced on May 22.