A NATIONAL theater group has launched an interactive map to celebrate the life of the much-loved comedian, Billy Connolly.

The National Theatre of Scotland has launched A Big Map for the Big Yin, an interactive map of places that have a personal connection with Connolly, and they have invited fans of the comedian to get involved.

People are invited to share their knowledge of Connolly, stories, memories, and photos, to make a living tribute to The Big Yin through the interactive map.

The Scottish comedian made his theatrical debut in 1972 and quickly established himself as one of the biggest stars in the comedy world as he had sold-out tours across the UK in the following years.

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The launch of the map is to coincide with the return of the national theatre’s stage production Dear Billy - an open love letter to the comedy icon.

Dear Billy was released for Connolly’s 80th birthday last year and was well received among theatergoers as it sold out across multiple venues in Scotland.

Gary McNair, writer and performer of Dear Billy, said while making the show he learned so many people had something to say about Connolly and he wanted to encapsulate that with an interactive map.

He said: “I'm delighted we are launching the Big Map for the Big Yin where people can pin their own stories and connections to Billy.

The National:

“As we learned when interviewing people to make this show- everyone has something to say about Billy, whether that's a memorable meeting or a connection to his work.

“The great thing about the Big Map is that there is a space where people can continue to share and hopefully build an interactive document about what he means to us all.

“I'm beyond giddy to be bringing the show Dear Billy back so soon after its tour last year.

“It is a genuine honour to have been trusted to make this show, Billy is so important to so many people that it was so well received was a dream come true.

“I can't wait to get back on the road with the band and meet new amazing audience.”

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Dear Billy appeared across 17 venues and was watched by more than 8000 people. It has now returned for another run in Scottish theatres due to popular demand.

The opening show will be at His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen in May and will tour Scotland and England. It will also be on in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival.