AN SNP MSP has insisted the Bute House Agreement (BHA) has “run its course” and advised Humza Yousaf to pull out of the arrangement before the Greens do.

Christine Grahame told ITV Border the divergence between the parties’ priorities was now “too great” and it was in the interests of neither party for the governing partnership to continue.

The Greens are in the process of organising a vote on the future of the BHA amid fury from members over the Scottish Government’s decision to ditch a key climate target and back the pausing of prescriptions of puberty blockers for young trans people.

Grahame, who has been an MSP since 2011, said she would be “content” if the SNP were to revert back to a minority government and she would “prefer” it if her party initiated the split from the Greens than vice versa.

Asked about the BHA, she said: “I think it’s run its course. I’ve been here when we had a minority government and I think there’s such a divergence between what the Greens want and what the SNP are looking for.

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“I think the divergence is too great now and it’s in the interests of neither party to continue. So I’d be content if the SNP were to say ‘we’re going to work as a minority government’.”

Asked whether she would advise Yousaf to pull out of the agreement, she added: “Oh yes. I would prefer it to be us. I’ve preferred it to be us for quite a while.

“The priorities for the Greens are very different from ours. I’m not talking about the economy, or ecology or the climate, I’m talking about other issues they have. We should not really continue in this arrangement.”

Patrick Harvie has said he will quit as Scottish Greens co-leader if his party vote to end its power sharing deal with the SNP.

In Westminster, outspoken SNP backbencher Joanna Cherry has called for the SNP rank and file to be given a vote on the agreement.