A NEW survey has revealed huge confidence in Scotland’s renewable energy future from industry bodies, as the SNP insists Westminster must not hold the country back.

Trade body Scottish Renewables carried out the survey with supply chain organisations that revealed unanimous optimism about Scotland’s renewable potential with 100% of respondents believing Scotland to be a prime location for renewable energy investment, and expressing confidence in securing work within the industry for the next five years.

The Supply Chain Impact Statement also found 90% said that they have hired new people as a result of the opportunities in renewable energy.

Scottish Renewables said the findings “underscore Scotland’s position as an attractive hub for renewable energy investment, a creator of green jobs and a leader in sustainable economic growth”.

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Dave Doogan, the SNP’s energy spokesperson, said it was time for Westminster to step up and match the investment the Scottish Government has put into the renewable sector.

He said: “This is just another example of why the SNP Scottish Government has been right to champion our energy sector and put their money where their mouth is with a £500 million investment to secure a Just Transition.

“Scotland’s already thriving energy sector is well on its way to becoming a world-leading renewable energy powerhouse, but while one government has pulled out all the stops to make this happen, another hasn’t. 

“Time and time again we’ve seen reluctance and refusal from Westminster to cough up and match the investment that has contributed to the confidence the industry has in Scotland’s ability to succeed.

“We know Scotland is energy rich, but by harnessing the skilled workforce here we can deliver that ambition to lead the way in renewables and ensure cheaper bills for Scottish households - demonstrating the need for Scotland to have full control over our own energy with independence.”

It comes after the latest Energy Statistics for Scotland publication showed the country’s capacity for renewable electricity generation grew by 10% in 2023.

Statistics also showed in January that Scotland’s green sector had delivered more electricity than  the country used for the first time.