NEW scanners being installed at a Scottish airport will remove the need for passengers to take liquids, gels and electronic devices out of their hand luggage before passing through security.

Bosses at Edinburgh Airport confirmed that the first 3D X-ray scanner went into operation on Tuesday morning.

In total, the airport is set to install eight of the high-tech scanners, which allow passengers to pass through security while carrying up to two litres of liquid in their hand luggage and end the need to remove laptops and tablets from bags.

However, the airport has stressed that rules regarding liquid remain the same for now despite the installation of a scanner.

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“This is a rolling installation programme and the new scanners will come online over the next few months,” a spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport said.

“Passengers should continue to follow existing rules until all of the work is complete, and we will make an announcement when that is the case.

“It’s very important for everyone to continue to follow the existing rules as we head into the busy summer months.

“Doing so will help people move through security as quickly and safely as possible.”

Numerous UK airports have already ditched rules on taking liquid through security which have been in place since 2006.

The current rules at Edinburgh Airport state that passengers must put all liquids into no more than 100ml containers, which must then be placed in a clear plastic bag and separated from the rest of a person’s hand luggage.

Aberdeen Airport has already scrapped the rules well ahead of the June 1 deadline set by the UK Government.

However, several large airports including Edinburgh have already been granted an extension to this deadline.