A WOMAN has been hospitalised by a Highland cow in an attack she described as life-threatening.

Monika Bresler was walking her dog near Gleniffer Braes Country Park in Paisley last Tuesday afternoon when a Highland cow started charging at her.

“I thought we would be fine jumping into the gorse bush and hiding away but the angry cow ran after me, managed to knock me off my feet and then attempted to lay on me, repeatedly, squashing me into the ground,” she said in a Facebook post (below).

“It then stamped on me, crushing several ribs and making my lungs collapse.”

The 45-year-old was hospitalised, and said she was “lucky to be alive at all” and “eternally grateful” for another dog walker who called 999 – as well as the emergency services and NHS staff at Queen Elizabeth hospital.

“It’s beyond my understanding how animals, which clearly become extremely dangerous in their calving season, can be kept moving freely in a country park,” she said.

“So popular with families and dog walkers alike. Hopefully this will change.”