A CONVENTION to discuss Scotland’s future as an independent nation will take place on St Andrew’s Day, grassroots campaigners have announced.

The Independence Forum Scotland (IFS) announced it would be organising the convention for November 30, 2024.

Key topics up for discussion include sovereignty and the constitution, industrial strategy, land reform and health and wellbeing.

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An advisory committee for the convention is set to be in place by the end of April, and will comprise of leading members of the independence movement across Scotland.

The date was chosen specifically as it marks ten years since the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.

The group’s convener, Ian Grant, said the date “will add significance to the vitally important discussions that are critical to defining Scotland’s future”.

He added: “There is an urgent need to address the future governance of Scotland, political rights, sovereignty and decentralised forms of democracy.”

IFS has established groups from member organisations to arrange the convention, which will be tasked with governance, organisation, membership, finance, communications and civic engagement.

The organisation of the conference will include two further planning assemblies, in June and September, with a preliminary meeting of convention members set to take place in October.

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IFS secretary John Brown said whilst “there is no clear political consensus on the future governance of Scotland,” there is “broad agreement that devolution as it stands is not working”.

He continued: “The major issues require solutions which cannot be addressed properly without wider public involvement and more popular support.

“We will be calling upon expert opinion where appropriate, but also engaging with the wider public and civic and civil organisations, which is key to ensuring the convention is successful in achieving its aims."

IFS committee member Joan Duncan added: "We need to capture the passion within the independence movement by resolving conflict, reducing duplication and encouraging a focus on positive action for meaningful change.

“A shared vision for a future Scotland as an independent nation will come about by enabling pro-independence people to work together on a non-party political basis."

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