A PETITION has been launched by the SNP to save Leith from being “wiped” from the electoral map.

The Boundaries Scotland has proposed splitting the existing Edinburgh North and Leith constituency in Holyrood elections in two and creating a new seat including Leith.

However, the proposed name for the new constituency is “Edinburgh North Eastern”.

The change would mean that Leith would no longer feature in the name of any Scottish Parliament constituency.

In response, Ben Macpherson, the SNP MSP for Edinburgh Northern and Leith, has called on the Scottish Boundary Commission to add the name of the historic neighbourhood back into the official constituency title.

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“In its current review, Boundaries Scotland’s revised proposals would split my current Edinburgh Northern and Leith Constituency across two new constituencies - Edinburgh Northern and Edinburgh North Eastern,” he said.

“Dropping ‘Leith’ as a description is a mistake and it should be added back into the name for the constituency that would include Leith.

“Leith’s distinct identity and history matters. I encourage Leithers to help feed this message back to those considering these Scottish Parliament boundary changes.

“Please support the petition, respond to the consultation, and encourage others to do so too.”

Macpherson has been joined by SNP MP Deirdre Brock in calling for Leith to remain on the electoral map.

The National: Scottish duo The Proclaimers were born in LeithScottish duo The Proclaimers were born in Leith

“I don't know what Boundary Scotland were thinking,” she said.

“But they will have to think again about wiping Leith from the electoral map at Holyrood.

“Leith has always been a distinct, diverse community with a rich history and heritage of its own – we must make sure this remains the case for future generations.

“Previous attempts to absorb Leith into Edinburgh have never gone down well.

“I expect the community will stand together again to protect Leith's unique identity, and I'll be right there with them.

“I will be making my objections clear and urge others to do the same.

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While Leith is now considered a part of Edinburgh this was not always the case.

Indeed, the area maintained a distinct political identity from Edinburgh until 1920 when it was officially merged with Edinburgh.

This was despite a plebiscite vote where Leithers voted overwhelmingly against the merger.

In more recent times it has become known for inspiring the art of famous Leithers such as The Proclaimers and Irvine Welsh – with the duo’s song Sunshine on Leith and Welsh’s breakthrough novel Trainspotting all heavily indebted to the area’s distinct character.

Edinburgh Trams officially opened the extension to Leith in 2023. 

The National: Adam Nols-McVey called the proposal to wipe Leith from the electoral map ridiculousAdam Nols-McVey called the proposal to wipe Leith from the electoral map ridiculous

“It’s ridiculous that the boundary commission are proposing to remove Leith from the name of the constituency again,” said SNP councillor for Leith, Adam Nols-Mcvey.

“People in Leith are rightly proud, and we’ve already seen a strong reaction from people in discussions we’ve had locally.

“We’ve seen this and successfully fought it off before and I’m confident we will manage to do the same again this time.”

The party's petition can be petition to safeguard Leith on the electoral map can be found here. 

Last year, Time Out named Leith as one of the "coolest" neighbourhoods in the world.