HUMZA Yousaf has insisted measures to reach net zero will be “accelerated” – despite the Scottish Government axing a key climate target.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar took the First Minister to task at FMQs after it was revealed that the ambition to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2030 had been ditched.

But Yousaf insisted the Scottish Government remained committed to tackling the climate crisis and said Energy Secretary Mairi McAllan would give a statement to Parliament setting out the Government’s next moves later on Thursday.

And he said that Scotland had reduced carbon emissions faster than any other country in the UK.

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But Sarwar compared Yousaf with Rishi Sunak, who the First Minister had criticised harshly for rolling back UK net zero targets.

The Scottish Labour leader said: “This SNP-Green government is going to roll back on its climate commitments, so why is Humza Yousaf following the Tories’ lead?”

Yousaf replied that there was “no intention to roll back from that 2045 date” and insisted that deadline for reaching net zero would remain.

He added: “When Mairi McAllan comes to this chamber in the afternoon, we will build upon that by bringing forward an accelerated climate change proposal and plan.”

Sarwar hit back saying that “only Humza Yousaf can believe that slamming the breaks is an acceleration”.

Yosuaf replied: We’re absolutely committed, no rolling back on the net zero by 2045 target – fact.”

He added: “So this afternoon, presiding officer, will be a key test. When the cabinet secretary brings forward an accelerated package of climate proposals it will be time for the opposition to either put up or shut up.”