PRO-PALESTINE groups in Scotland are urging activists to join an independence march this weekend.

Groups including the Gaza Genocide Emergency Committee (GGEC), the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Palestine Action have said members will be attending a march hosted by Believe in Scotland (BiS) and Pensioners for Independence to "march for a world free from oppression".

Greens MSP Ross Greer shared the call and said that Scottish Greens will be marching with the Palestine solidarity bloc on Saturday.

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The Glasgow march and rally is set to take place on Saturday, April 20 and speakers include First Minister Humza Yousaf, campaigner Pat Kane and filmmaker Jane McAllister.

In a statement on social media, GGEC said: "Join the Palestine solidarity bloc this weekend at the march and rally for an independent Scotland with @believe_in_scotland.

"The brave hearts of Scotland stand in solidarity with the resilient souls of Palestine. Together, we march for a world free from oppression."

The group added that there will be no separate demonstration - which the city has seen for the majority of weeks since October 2 – at the weekend while sharing a map and graphic from Believe in Scotland.

Speaking to The National, GGEC said the campaigns for the two nations are "complementary causes" and the event can send a "dual message".

"We see freedom for Palestine and independence for Scotland as complementary causes. Our participation in this march will send a dual message of support for Gaza and a denunciation of this complicit UK government that’s enabling the genocide.

"This same government is denying Scotland the right to determine its own future, including its ability to create foreign policies that would truly uphold international law and assert Palestinian rights.

The National:

They added: "We hope many will join us in this laudable march, proclaiming the same common call for justice and self-determination."

It comes after the Radical Independence Campaign called for a "Palestine solidarity bloc", stating that "an independent Scottish republic would end our complicity in the Palestinian genocide" and as the Yes movement is set to gather, it "calls for the biggest, most vibrant Palestine solidarity bloc to join the demonstration".

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RIC chairperson Richard Green said in response of the call from GGEC that the group was "delighted at the growing support from both the independence and Palestine solidarity movements" for its appeal.

Green added: "As co-architect of the British Empire, Scotland has a unique opportunity and responsibility to recognise and dismantle the damage British imperialism has wrought on the world, including in the Middle East.

"We support the right of self-determination for all peoples, not just Scotland. No-one can truly be free until all are free from colonialism and occupation. We are heartened that this message is widely supported.

"We urge marchers to bring Palestinian and Scottish flags on Saturday and to join us behind our new banner declaring: Scotland stands with Palestine!"

The National: RIC members on the Palestine solidarity march in Glasgow on February 17

BiS welcomed the suggestion, adding that “anyone with a shred of decency must recognise the suffering of the civilian population of Gaza and so we appreciate this initiative".

The independence campaign umbrella group currently has 142 local and national pro-independence groups working with them.

Participants of the Glasgow march are asked to gather on Kelvin Way to set off at 12.30pm, marching into the city centre of Glasgow, with the rally taking place in George Square.