HUGH Grant has settled a High Court claim against the publisher of The Sun newspaper over allegations of unlawful information gathering, a judge has been told.

The actor brought legal action against News Group Newspapers (NGN) in relation to The Sun only, alleging he was targeted by journalists and private investigators, having previously settled a claim with the publisher in 2012 relating to the News Of The World.

He is among a number of individuals, including Prince Harry, bringing claims against NGN.

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Grant’s claim in relation to The Sun was due to be considered at a trial in January next year, but a preliminary hearing for the litigation against the publisher on Wednesday was told it had recently been settled.

Anthony Hudson KC, representing NGN, told a judge that there were “currently 42 extant claims … that follows the recent settlement of Grant’s claim”.

David Sherborne, Grant’s barrister, also confirmed in written arguments that the actor had “recently settled” his claim.

NGN has previously denied any unlawful activity took place at The Sun. Harry’s claim is currently set to go to trial in January 2025.

In a thread on Twitter/X, Grant explained the reason behind settling, saying: “News Group are claiming they are entirely innocent of the things I had accused the Sun of doing – phone hacking, unlawful information gathering, landline tapping, the burglary of my flat and office, the bugging of my car, the illegal blagging of medical records, lies, perjury and the destruction of evidence.

“As is common with entirely innocent people, they are offering me an enormous sum of money to keep this matter out of court.”

The actor further explained he does not want to “accept this money or settle” and that he would “love to see all the allegations they deny tested in court”.

“But the rules around civil litigation mean that if I proceed to trial and the court awards me damages that are even a penny less than the settlement offer, I would have to pay the legal costs of both sides,” he added.

“My lawyers tell me that this is exactly what would most likely happen here. Rupert Murdoch’s lawyers are very expensive.

“So even if every allegation is proven in court, I would still be liable for something approaching £10 million in costs. I’m afraid I am shying at that fence.”