A SCOTTISH Tory MP has been called out for spreading “misinformation” about a medical practice in his constituency, which was forced to issue a statement debunking the politician’s claims.

In his latest campaign leaflet Andrew Bowie claims that he has been in contact with the Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership to ask for a meeting about the Aboyne Medical Practice.

“I have continually campaigned against a potential closure which has so far been avoided,” it states.

However, the Aboyne Medical Practice was left with no choice but to issue a statement after concerned patients began contacting them concerning the claims made in Bowie’s leaflet.

A statement posted on the medical practice’s Facebook page said:

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“Many of you have been in touch with us over the last day or so regarding a campaign leaflet which you have received from Andrew Bowie MP and we just wanted to reassure you all that there is absolutely NO suggestion that our practice is at risk of closure.

“We have been in touch with Mr Bowie and have asked him to correct the assertion in the leaflet about our practice and we hope to hear from him soon.”

Glen Reynolds, who is set to face Bowie as the SNP’s candidate for the West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine constituency at the upcoming General Election, called on Bowie to “correct the record”.

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“I am disappointed to read that Aboyne Medical Practice has felt compelled to issue this statement due to misinformation from Andrew Bowie.

“It must have caused real concern to both the professionals who work there and the patients. I hope he can correct the record.

“I welcome communication from the partners to discuss how I can be of any support.”

Bowie later issued a lengthy statement claiming he had been the victim of "unclear wording". 

"I appreciate that in my recent leaflet to residents in Aboyne unclear wording has inadvertently created confusion - at no point did I intend to create the impression that the Surgery is at risk," he said. 

"Aboyne Medical Practice is clearly well regarded by constituents; I have had no complaints about the Medical Practice and have conveyed this to partners there.

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"The situation I wrote about is the ongoing challenge facing NHS Grampian in retaining healthcare professionals along the Deeside corridor - specifically at Aboyne hospital. Unfortunately due to unclear wording this comes across as regarding Aboyne Medical Surgery; it ought to regard Aboyne Hospital, and I can only apologise for the confusion caused regarding which part of the health facility was being referenced.

"I would very much like to see the Minor Injuries Unit reopen, and have made representations to councillors on the IJB noting this. This closure was a direct result of the constraints imposed upon NHS Grampian that has caused concern for residents in some of the most rural parts of West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine.

"Not just in Aboyne but across the constituency access to healthcare is a recurring priority for residents. A priority that I share too and have campaigned on repeatedly in communities such as in Kemnay and Alford.

"I know Aboyne Medical Surgery is a valued component of the healthcare provision, relied upon by Aboyne residents."