HUMZA Yousaf has said he has still not been briefed on the ongoing situation in the Middle East from the UK Government – despite asking for one on Saturday.

The First Minister and the Scottish Government have been among the voices calling for de-escalation in the region following the thwarted Iranian attack on Israel.

It was confirmed by the UK Government that British RAF jets were used to shoot down Iranian drones.

Speaking to LBC at the STUC annual congress, the First Minister was asked what he made of Rishi Sunak’s response to Iran’s actions.

“Well first of all, I would have like to have been briefed. I’ve been asking for this brief since Saturday evening and although I understand the situation was fast-moving and fast-paced, even after the events of Saturday night, Sunday morning, I’ve still not had a briefing to this day and that to me is pretty disappointing,” he said.

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“What I would say is that of course what we need in the Middle East, what we need in the international community is cool heads.

“Nobody wants to see a further escalation, quite the opposite. We want de-escalation. There will not be a peaceful resolution to the Middle East, to the situation in Israel and Gaza without an immediate ceasefire.

“There will not be a military solution, there has to be a diplomatic and political situation.”

Asked further about the use of RAF jets, Yousaf again pointed out he had not fully been briefed but that he “generally starts from a point of scepticism when it comes to military intervention from the UK in the Middle East”.

“Our track record has not been a particularly good one. But look, there is a difference between the UK sending RAF jets, their own military equipment to shoot down drones from (a) hostile state.

“Very different to sending arms to Israel in their offensive in Gaza which has killed tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

“So that’s why my call for an end to arms sales to Israel is one that I stand by.”