RISHI Sunak failed to turn up to an Eid party at Downing Street, which he had been due to host.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister said he was “looking forward” to meeting guests at the annual event, which brings together leading Muslims in business, politics and the third sector.

However, numerous invitees had made clear that they would be boycotting the event due to the UK Government’s continued support of Israel.

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It’s believed around half of the usual number of guests attended the party, with many who did attend sporting badges adorned with the Palestinian flag.

The event is held every year and has always been hosted by the Prime Minister.

Yet Sunak failed to make an appearance, with a spokesperson for his office claiming that he had “business in parliament” which left him unable to attend.

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Guests were instead greeted by deputy prime minister Oliver Dowden.

It comes after major Muslim charities and personalities shunned the event, including Baroness Warsi, Britain’s first female Muslim cabinet minister and a critic of the UK Government’s stance on Gaza.

The BBC said guests leaving the event reported that “no MPs” were in attendance.