SCOTTISH actor Martin Compston crowd surfed and partied with around 800 people at a daytime club in Glasgow over the weekend.

The Line of Duty star attended a clubbing event for over 30s created by his co-star Vicky McClure and her husband Jonny Owen.

The first Scottish edition of Day Fever was held at the Barras in Glasgow, with Compston doing a stage dive and being passed over the heads of the crowd.

The National: Martin Compston was among those to attend the Day Fever event

Day Fever has previously been held in other cities across the UK, including London, Manchester and Sheffield.

Another version will take place in Edinburgh’s O2 Academy on May 26.

McClure said: “There are lots of reasons people don’t want to be out at night. There’s shifts, there’s children, there are so many reasons that day dancing is better for people of a certain age.”

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Each event includes local guests from the world of sport and entertainment and McClure arrived with Compston and fellow Line of Duty star Craig Parkinson.

McClure added: “We’ve heard lots of lovely stories. We’ve had people meet new partners at Day Fever, celebrate their birthdays.

“We had one lady, Irene, who celebrated her 80th with us and brought all of her family along.”

McClure’s husband Owen said it was great to see that the event was sold out.

The National:

“People are spending money in the middle of the day. That’s been really important for smaller venues like this,” he said.

“It’s a different approach but that’s no bad thing. It’s not a good look for a man of my age to be carrying a kebab through Queen Street at two o’clock in the morning but at seven o’clock I could probably get away with it.”