A SAFETY warning has been issued to tourists travelling the world-famous North Coast 500 (NC500) route after a motorhome was "blown" down a hill amid Storm Kathleen.

The vehicle - which could sleep six people - was blown down the side of a cliff in Shieldaig last weekend as the storm hit the Highlands.

The incident was attended by paramedics as well as fire and rescue services. Those in the vehicle were waiting for the wind to subside when the vehicle was blown over and rolled down the hill. 

The National:

After it stopped, the tourists - who were uninjured - were able to get out before the motorhome "fell apart".

The owner of the motorhome who runs a hiring company, Peter Schmidt, told the Press and Journal that if the van rolled further, it could have fallen into water over the cliffside.

Schmidt has now said the loss of the vehicle - amounting to around £15,000 through bookings - is a "massive" financial hit to his business Luna Motorhome Hire.

Schmidt, who started the company in 2018, has put out a warning to tourists about how to manage a motorhome - which is "not easy to drive" - in extreme weather conditions such as high winds.

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He said: “For customers, the most important thing is to be aware of how much larger a motorhome is than a car. They’re not easy to drive.

“Consider taking a smaller campervan rather than a three-metre wide motorhome when driving along single-track roads. And, when driving, be aware of all road signs.

The National:

“Weather conditions are also a major thing. The weather was freakish this weekend with the high winds from Storm Kathleen but also check the forecasts and be aware of what the conditions will be.”

He added: “A lot of people from cities, for example, are not used to driving out in the open like much of the NC500. You need to read up about a place before you go.

“It’s a great trip but if inexperienced, I would not recommend it as a first trip in a motorhome.”