THE Commonwealth Games could potentially return to Glasgow in 2026 if no other host is found. 

Glasgow could step in with a "scaled-back offering," after the Australian state of Victoria withdrew as host in July because of rising costs. 

Commonwealth Games Scotland (CGS) says their proposal would involve "no significant ask of public funds" and would "utilise existing venues and accommodation options" where the Games were held in 2014, such as the Emirates Arena.  

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They added that additional funding for the estimated £130-150 million budget would come from commercial income, such as ticketing, sponsorship and broadcasting.

The Scottish Sun reports "a well-placed source" confirmed talks were ongoing between the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and CGS and that while the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council were aware, they are yet to draw up detailed plans. 

They reportedly said if Glasgow were to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games "it would be a radically scaled-back Games".

Both Singapore and Malaysia have ruled out a bid to host the event and a final decision from the CGF is expected by the end of May.

Ian Reid CBE, the chair of CGS, said: “We know how important the Commonwealth Games is for athletes, sports and supporters, and we remain concerned about the impact the ongoing uncertainty around 2026 is having on everyone concerned.

“It is vital that a Games takes place in this cycle, and we are hopeful that a positive outcome can be delivered through the CGF’s discussions with other nations.

“We also wanted to ensure that we had left no stone unturned in the search for solutions, should a viable alternative fail to materialise, but recognised the need for a model that did not rely on large public investment.

“Glasgow has a fantastic track record of delivering large sporting events within sensible budgets, with world class facilities and expertise already in place as a legacy of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games a decade ago.

“We believe our concept provides the CGF with a viable, cost-effective and exciting solution which importantly won’t involve significant sums of public funding.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government said: “The Commonwealth Games is a hugely important event for Scotland and Scottish athletes and the key priority for the Scottish Government is the continuation of the movement.

“The 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games received international recognition as an outstanding fortnight of sporting and cultural events.

“The CGF has confirmed it is working with a number of Commonwealth Games Associations to reset and reframe the Games. This process is ongoing and we continue to engage with CGS on their proposals.”