LABOUR have taken a slim lead over the SNP for the first time since the independence referendum, according to a major pollster.

YouGov has placed Labour over the SNP for the first time in a decade, with Keir Starmer’s party ahead two points.

Labour are on 33% while the SNP are on 31%, the first time since 2014 the polling firm has recorded a lead for the former over the latter.

The SNP have lost a fifth of their 2019 voters to Labour, and are currently holding on to 66% of those who backed them previously, YouGov said.

The Tory vote has also slumped in Scotland, falling six points since October to 14%, with Reform support growing from 2% to 7%.

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Elsewhere, the LibDems are on 7%, up two points since October and the Greens vote has remained steady on 5%.

And Holyrood voting intentions are narrowing, with the SNP leading the constituency vote on 34%, two points ahead of Labour.

When it comes to the regional vote, the two parties are neck and neck, with both sitting on 29%. The two parties had also been tied in October’s poll at 28%.

YouGov also found that support for independence was static since October, with 53% saying they would vote to remain in the Union compared with 47% who would vote to leave.

A Redfield and Wilton poll in February gave Labour a lead over the SNP while the Ipsos Scottish Political Monitor gave Humza Yousaf’s party a seven-point lead over Keir Starmer’s.

YouGov polled a representative sample of 1100 people aged over 16 in Scotland between March 25 and April 2.