SCOTTISH investment firm Abrdn has claimed it is the victim of “corporate bullying” in the media after it scrapped vowels from its name in a heavily-criticised rebrand, according to a banking boss at the firm.

The investment company changed its name from Standard Life Aberdeen in 2021 after working with agency Wolff Olins for its new identity.

Peter Branner, chief investment officer at the business, hit out at the criticism in comments which have also faced fresh mockery.

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He told Financial News: “I understand that corporate bullying to some extent is part of the game with the press, even though it’s a little childish to keep hammering the missing vowels in our name.

“Would you do that with an individual? How would you look at a person who makes fun of your name day in, day out? It’s probably not ethical to do it.

“But apparently with companies it is different.”

The company, which had been formed by a £3.8 billion merger in 2017, launched the major rebrand four years later after selling its Standard Life name as it exited the UK and European life insurance market.

Stephen Bird, chief executive of Abrdn, defended the change at the time and said its clients had “fully embraced” the move.

However, the change prompted criticism from City analysts and media commentators, who joked the company was “disemvowelled” and had “irritable vowel syndrome”.

Branner’s latest comments also drew fresh criticism.

Financial News joked that the business should “gt ovr it”, while the City AM newspaper referenced the mockery on its front page, with an “aplgy” to the business.