LABOUR HQ has been drenched in red paint by pro-Palestine protesters. 

The group, Youth Demand, painted the building in an attempt to protest Labour's stance on Israel's war on Gaza.

Youth Demand later claimed 11 people had been arrested in connection with the incident.

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Keir Starmer's party have been widely criticised for refusing to back an end to UK arms sales to Israel, with councillors even resigning over the stance. 

The protest group, which is calling for an arms embargo as well as an end to oil and gas drilling in the North Sea, said three of its supporters had sprayed the outside of Labour’s head office while another painted the lobby.

Red paint can be seen all over the facade, and a video (below) showed protesters spraying both the inside and outside of the building. 

Afterwards, they posed in front with a banner saying: "Tories or Labour, it all means genocide". 

The group wrote on social media: "Labour has blood on their hands. They are complicit in the murder of Palestinians, and millions of people around the world, as they continue to drive genocide."

In the absence of an explicit call for an arms embargo, Starmer has reiterated calls for the UK Government to publish advice received on whether Israel is violating international humanitarian law in Gaza.

He said: “Yesterday was the six-month anniversary of this awful conflict, and we’ve seen the continual withholding of hostages, we’ve seen 33,000 people killed in this conflict, many of them women and children, so we need the conflict to end. We need that ceasefire.

“On the question of arms sales, there’s a legal test for when sales should be suspended.

“The Government’s got advice on that and so what the Government should do is to publish that legal advice, or at least a summary of it.

“They’ve published summaries before in response to the Houthi attacks, to publish that so we can all see it and that appropriate action can then be taken in relation to the sale of arms.”